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Hardstyle Top 100

Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017

With 2017 at its end, only one thing remains for those dedicated to hardstyle. Be part of the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 by voting for your favourite tracks of the past year. As always, the ten best tracks of the year make it into the Freaqshow Top 10.

How does it work?

Select your top 5 tracks of 2017, rank them from 1 to 5 and cast your vote. The higher you rank a track, the higher it scores, so choose wisely! Two lucky voters will even win two tickets for a Q-dance event of their choosing. You must have a Facebook account to submit your top 5.

Only released tracks are supported in the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100.

Voting ends 8 December 2017 at 23:59 (CET).

Artist Sort artists Title Sort title
1Vision Snow Business
1Vision ft. Da Mouth of Madness Breathless
2Faced Facebreaker
50 Hz By Your Side
50 Hz Out Of Focus
9 Milliz As The Beat Goes On
A-Riser A is for Anarchy
A-Riser Intergalactic
A-Riser The Sinners
A-Riser Trouble Maker
A-Sense Alone Again
A-Sense Balada Para Una Mujer
A-Sense Unleashed
A-Shock Sadness
Act of Rage featuring Nolz Mean Machine (Official Supremacy anthem 2017)
Activator 2017
Activator Cobra (Black Shadow Remix)
Activator Domination (Delete Remix)
Activator From Dancefloor To Dancefloor (The Machine Remix)
Activator I Am The Dark (Rooler Remix)
Activator I Close My Eyes (Emphasis Remix)
Activator Icon
Activator June (Stephanie Remix)
Activator June (Ben Falcon Remix)
Activator June (Navras Remix)
Activator Set You Free (Jay Reeve Remix)
Activator Set You Free (Bluxter & Arakne Remix)
Activator Summer Breeze (Protobytez Remix)
Activator Summer Breeze (Hyperzone Remix)
Activator The CC Flow (Mind Dimension & Unkind Remix)
Activator The House Of Pain (Bestia Remix)
Activator Wesker (Project Exile Remix)
Activator Winter Song (Enyqma Remix)
Activator Winter Song (Synthsoldier)
Activator Winter Song (Memorize Remix)
Activator & Dark Intentions Hostile Aggression
Activator & Flarup Tripping (Steve Hill & Technikal Rmx)
Activator & Jajox No Rules (Audio Junkz Remix)
Activator & Steve Hill RVRS the Bass
Activator Feat. Natski Greta Is Great (Adaro Remix )
Activator Ft. K-Project Domination (Delete Remix)
Activator Ft. Mc Apster Threat To Our Existence (Double F Effect)
Activist Just Me & You
Activist The Calling
Activist Ft. Mc Instinct Recurrence of Darkness
Adaro Raggamuffin (MYST Remix)
Adaro The Sky is The Limit
Adaro & Digital Punk Bring You The Pain
Adaro & E-Force Open the Gates (Public Enemies Remix)
Adaro & Hard Driver SMACK
Adaro & Jack Of Sound Disruption
Adaro & Outbreak Party Medicine
Adaro & The Machine Sucka Beatz
Adaro and Hard Driver SMACK
Adrenalize Wherever The Light Ends
Adrenalize & Pulse The Future
Adventum Dissolution
Adventum Regalia
Adventum Uncensored
Airtunes God Of Light
Airtunes Wildfire
Airwaze SakuraCon Anthem
Ale Handrop Call My Soul
Alexx-V The Worlds End
Alphaverb & The Machine Smokemachine
Alphaverb, Aeros & Blackburn Ft. MC Shocker MZKTRS
Alpha² Betrayal (Sub Zero Project Remix)
Alpha² Forget The Bullshit
Alpha² From The Rain (RVAGE Remix)
Alpha² Now I Know
Alpha², Outbreak Raise Your Voice
Alyon Sky
Amentis The Madman
Amethys String
Ampyre Nothing Like Home
Ampyre Phoenix
Andrew Liogas Sin
ANDY SVGE Evolving
ANDY SVGE The In-Between (Dreamfields 2017 Anthem)
ANDY SVGE & Hardstyle Pianist Sunbeam
Antastic Beautiful Moment
Antergy Legends
Antidose Deja Vu
Antiverse Don't You See
Anubasu-anubasu Eternity
Anubasu_anubasu Flashback
Apexx AK-47
Apexx Escape the System
Arakne 200 Joule
Arcada Quicksand
Arch FX Energy
Arch FX Euphoria
Arch FX Freedom
Arch FX M.I.M.S.
Archetypez Terra
Archetypez, Activist Incoming (Extended Mix)
Area 51 Still Smoking
Ares God Of Destruction
Ares Justified
Arisen Master Of Pain
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